tuTORIal: Tulle Balls

If you’ve read my book CelebraTORI, then you know that one of my major décor tips for any party is to go vertical. Food and beverage tables have the horizontal lines covered, so I like to keep my guests’ eyes moving by hanging lights, flowers, or pompoms up above. Another tool I use is, well…tulle.  I’m obsessed with tulle pompoms as a great, colorful décor piece, and you can use them for practically anything, especially height. They can be hung from the ceiling at different levels to create flare, used as a backdrop for the dessert table, or even placed on sticks as a cupcake topper. Basically…they’re amaze-balls. And the best part? They’re easy to make! Check out my tuTORIal below:

DIY Tulle Balls

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard in a bagel shape. For a small tulle ball, try a diameter of twelve inches, for large, use a diameter of thirty inches, but any sizing will work and I encourage you to mix it up.  Make the inside hole big enough for your hand to fit through.  Now make another bagel exactly the same size.

  2. Cut a piece of string, twine or ribbon, and make it into a U. Sandwich it between the two bagel sides so that the U goes around the inner hole.  You’re going to use this ribbon to secure tulle.
  3. Cut one to three yards of tulle. (One for a small ball; three for a big one). Take one end and wrap it around and around and around the cardboard, through the middle hole, until the cardboard is entirely covered with a layer of tulle.
  4. Now cut the tulle all the way around the circumference of the bagel.  Don’t cut that middle ribbon.
  5. Peek into the middle of your bagel and grab the ribbon. Tie it tightly.
  6. Now pull the cardboard off your ball, fluff it up, and… gorgeous! Hang multiple from the ceiling, put them in bowls, or use them to embellish serving trays.

So now that you know how to make your own tulle pompoms, I thought I’d share a little inspiration on how to decorate with them (and paper poms too). Take a look at some of my favorite finds below… (Thank you, Pinterest!)


Cupcake Toppers


Dr. Seuss Themed Decor


Puffs of Pink


Of Course, Canary Yellow + Grey Garlands


“Showers” Themed
(I’m obsessed with the paper flower clouds, striped straws and mason jars… Too cute!)


Over-the-Table Dessert Décor.

Hopefully these easy-peasy décor ideas help you in planning your spring shower (or really any party, for that matter). And if I can leave you with one bit of party-decorating advice… Make sure to go vertical!

Are you going to give this DIY a try?


P.S. Pick up a copy of CelebraTORI for more super chic party inspiration.

Photos: Etsy, Amy’s Craft Bucket via Blogspot, Butterfly Craze, Etsy, Pear Tree Greetings, We Heart It, LilSugar

  • Stacie Tippett

    Love this! I have always been mad for tulle; it is always an element of my “signature” gift wrap for any occassion. Can’t wait to try this for my friend’s little girl’s birthday party next month. Thanks, Tori! BTW, do you have any suggestions for where to find a large variety of such beautifully colored tulle? I’ve only tried Michael’s, but they are limited in color selection.

  • Mrs. Bebe

    I’m so excited about this DIY project! My sister and I are planning a babyshower and were brainstorming ideas for the decor. We saw a pom pom tutorial on youtube but this looks nicer and easier! Can’t wait to make….yay! BTW I love the dessert table pics too, great great ideas. Thank you Tori xoxo

  • Genevieve

    I can’t wait until my sister in law gets pregnant just so I can make these to decorate her shower with! I love love love this! Thank you!

  • desi

    These are so gorgeous! I will try them for my next party! Thanks!

  • Momo Foster

    Love the photos for this DIY! Although I am aware of this technique as used for pom poms for yarn for smaller things, I would have never thought to use it for tulle for large balls <— he he. You’re title also made me giggle 😉

  • joanne stubbs

    love these tulle balls. Used to make pompoms the same way for the end of sweater ties, etc. Also used to make them out of Kleenex tissues with the children,.

  • Krisanne Vigliotti

    I’m definitely going to give it a try! I am going to make them to hang in my living room on each side of the fireplace. At Christmas time I usually hang ornaments there, birthdays is crepe paper pinwheels and I think this would be too pretty not to hang during the summer to fill up that empty looking space! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ebphant

    Very cute! My daughter’s birthday was yesterday how cute this would have been. There always be another party 😉

  • Jodi Trinklein

    LOVE these! Didn’t know it was so simple…better got buy some tulle!

  • Paris Zlotak

    First of all… The Book CelebraTORI is amazing. Couldn’t wait for it to come out and was worth the wait. I pick it up several times a week to inspire my upcoming events. I must say, I can not wait to host a Cowboys and Lace Party! Thank you for an easy, elegant, go to book:-)

  • Nakali

    Those look great, what width of tulle did you use to wrap around?

    Thank you!

  • Rowena Laws

    That’s awesome and very pretty. My oldest granddaughters graudating from high school in three weeks. Any ideals on what decorations I could do? I’d love to make her grad party the best it can be.

  • ccanipefreeman

    We just tried this. it does not work. not only does 1 yard not fit around a 12in diameter but when you cut it, it completely falls apart!!! HELP!

  • Jadie

    Tori I so admire you. You look awesome after 4 babies. And are an inspiration to all your who view your show and your ideas. Dean and the kids are adorable. Good Going Girl.

  • teena

    I made these in red glitter tulle for my cousin’s Lingerie party. I followed the directions and they turned out amazing. What an easy, affordable and cute party decor. Love it!!!